Envato Referral

More of an attempt to start having my work officially published than an attempt at doing something super-useful (that’s coming), this plugin creates shortcodes and widgets for adding referrals to envato sites to your blog.

The Shortcodes
  • envato_referral_link – creates a referral link
  • envato_referral_list – creates a list of referral links for each of the envato sites
The Widgets
  • envatoReferralLinkWidget – executes the envato_referral_link shortcode
  • envatoReferralListWidget – executes the envato_referral_list shortcode
Plans for Future Development

I will likely add a little to the code here in the next few weeks to make it a little more “spectacular”, but really just wanted to get something published for now to demo my understanding of PHP, WordPress, WP Plugins, etc.

Output Samples

Below you will find sample output from the plugin.

  • envato_referral_link image_version=v1
  • envato_referral_link image_version=v2
  • envato_referral_link image_version=v3
  • envato_referral_link image_version=v4

[envato_referral_link user_name=genius image_version=v1]

[envato_referral_link user_name=genius image_version=v2]

[envato_referral_link user_name=genius image_version=v3]

[envato_referral_link user_name=genius image_version=v4]

  • envato_referral_link image_size=125×125 image_version=cycle

[envato_referral_link user_name=genius image_size=125×125]

  • envato_referral_list image_size=125×125

[envato_referral_list image_size=125×125 user_name=genius]

  • envato_referral_list image_size=468×60

[envato_referral_list image_size=468×60 user_name=genius]


If you have any questions about the code, by all means feel free to contact me.